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Green Roof

Installation of Green Roof Soil

A green roof is a living roof of a building made from growing vegetation. The roof is covered with a waterproofing membrane, growing substrate such as green roof soil or mulch and seeded.

We transport and install a variety of high-quality rooftop garden and green roof soils/ growing media using our Express Blower™Trucks. These materials can either be provided by our customer or supplied as a component of the installation. We can have the material delivered to and loaded at our yard. This eliminates the need for the material to be delivered to the job site which would require equipment loaders on site as well as space. Custom mixes are available.

Express Blower™Trucks pneumatically move material from the ground to the roof providing a safe, efficient and cost effective solution. This eliminates the need for wheelbarrows, construction cranes and other heavy duty equipment. We have blown green roof material as high as 8 stories with lengths from the curb as far as 150 feet. Of course, the actual length and height depend on the weight and density of the green roof material.