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Fall Mulching

slide-2-small.jpgWhy it is Important to Mulch in the Fall?

In Spring and Summer, mulch is used to control weeds, retain moisture in soil and protect plant roots from extreme heat. Having a layer of mulch is just as important in the late Summer and Fall. The primary reason to put additional mulch down on your beds in the Fall is to protect your plants and soil. As the ground freezes and thaws it lifts. This forces the root system of many plants to push up in the soil, risking exposure. A proper layer of mulch will protect the soil from extreme fluctuations in temperature. For better moisture retention use hardwood mulch.

Plus, when you mulch now it will make your beds that much more attractive when company comes over for the Holidays.

When you’re ready to order your Fall mulch, call us at 973-588-7822. Use promobricks-small.jpg code Fall2017 for 10% off your installation or Fall2017D for 5% off your delivery. We offer high quality hardwood mulches and soils. Our professional crews can install your mulch quickly and neatly using our state of the art blower trucks, saving you time and money.

We can even provide additional services like cleaning your beds before mulching. Call today for a quote.